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My name is Ashley, and I have just rescently come into owning a raggie baby. Her name is My Precious Clear Blue Sky, she is a little under 4 months old. I found her through Petfinder, a nice older woman had rescued her from a unreputable breeder paying a small fee as she doesn't have the perfect markings of a Ragdoll. When the woman rescued her she was malnurished, and infested with fleas and her coat was very ill taken care of. She was rescued at 6 weeks old, and then last month the caretaker of her could no longer keep her because she is deathly afraid of larger animals and the woman happened to own a few large dogs. She didn't feel it was right to let the poor kitten live in fear surrounded by the large dogs, so she put her up for adoption on the Petfinder's classifieds. I talked with the woman for two weeks before finally being able to go and pick up the beautiful raggie baby. She is the softest thing I've ever felt and she will purr her heart out when held like a baby. She goes into a little coma if you pet her for long enough and will even roll on her back and sleep. I'm in love with the Ragdoll breed, and am thinking highly of getting another rescue raggie or waiting for a reject from the breeder's standards.

Sky @ 15wks

Sky @ 14wks

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Sky @ 8wks

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