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Friday, November 25th, 2005
7:02 am

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Saturday, November 19th, 2005
5:42 pm

There's a new cat community up called felinebehavior. It's a place to discuss your cat's strange behavior, be it curious, smart, comical, or just plain odd. Ask questions and discuss those unique feline behaviors that aren't necessarily problems, but get our attention.

I made this community because I've been part of a forum of the same nature that just seems to be dead now. I really enjoyed hearing about all these different cats' cute or quirky ways. I hope you'll all join and share your cats' with everyone. We can discuss solutions, laugh about the cute nature of your cat, or be there to support each other in those troubled times.

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Tuesday, September 20th, 2005
3:48 pm - Sky Photos

Photos of Sky, she was being a doll today.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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Monday, September 19th, 2005
9:56 pm - New } Introduction


My name is Ashley, and I have just rescently come into owning a raggie baby. Her name is My Precious Clear Blue Sky, she is a little under 4 months old. I found her through Petfinder, a nice older woman had rescued her from a unreputable breeder paying a small fee as she doesn't have the perfect markings of a Ragdoll. When the woman rescued her she was malnurished, and infested with fleas and her coat was very ill taken care of. She was rescued at 6 weeks old, and then last month the caretaker of her could no longer keep her because she is deathly afraid of larger animals and the woman happened to own a few large dogs. She didn't feel it was right to let the poor kitten live in fear surrounded by the large dogs, so she put her up for adoption on the Petfinder's classifieds. I talked with the woman for two weeks before finally being able to go and pick up the beautiful raggie baby. She is the softest thing I've ever felt and she will purr her heart out when held like a baby. She goes into a little coma if you pet her for long enough and will even roll on her back and sleep. I'm in love with the Ragdoll breed, and am thinking highly of getting another rescue raggie or waiting for a reject from the breeder's standards.

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Wednesday, April 16th, 2003
11:08 pm


Just after we got him when he was about 3 months old..

Last weekend.

My little boy is growing up!! He's one year old on Friday.

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Sunday, March 16th, 2003
8:03 pm - We forgot one


Ramsey fights the Beast.

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8:00 pm - Hello!

We are Willy and Ramsey!
We've only just found out about this internet thing and we're looking for some new friends.

Here's some pictures of us and our bums:

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Thursday, June 6th, 2002
3:06 pm

awww, just let miss phoebe out in her new garden for a bit. i went with her because i didnt want her to get lost. she explored and talked to the birdies (do other cats talk to birds in a weird voice?! is she nuts?) and then she suddenly bolted back up the stairs to our door. So she knows where she lives :> And she is now all hyper :p

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Friday, May 24th, 2002
10:41 pm - awwwwww


Phoebe is here somewhere :p

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Monday, April 1st, 2002
1:53 pm - meow.


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Wednesday, March 20th, 2002
3:09 pm

My kitten was just spayed about a week ago and I've had to keep her in my room so she doesn't get hurt when she play fights with my other cat. But he misses her! And today he came up to visit
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Saturday, March 16th, 2002
2:32 pm


hello everyone. =) what a cute community! this is my kitty, luna daisy. my boyfriend is cooking chicken fingers for lunch right now so she is sitting and staring at the oven as they bake. ;)

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Thursday, March 14th, 2002
9:02 am

Phoebe loves mummy.

Yesterday I came home from uni and fed her sushi, which she enjoyed. Then later on I was walking home from the bus stop and I found her sitting in someones front garden! She did her little warble (which I swear means "hello"), stood on a wall and nuzzled me, and then trotted home with me. I fed her some of my chicken for dinner. She is a very lucky cat *nod*

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Monday, March 4th, 2002
5:17 pm

I love it when puddytats are so deeply asleep that they don't wake up when you come into the room and plonk your bag down right next to them.
everybody say awww! :>
Also, my kitty puked all over the carpet last night, she had her worming tablet to kill her nasty tapeworm friend, and she didn't like it. She is fine now though and even seems to be my friend despite the drugging incident :>
Cats rule!

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Tuesday, February 5th, 2002
2:56 pm - tape worms

WHY does my kitty keep on getting tapeworms?! She had them when I first got her, she has had them twice since and Iim not finding the ominous little grains of rice type things where she sleeps yet again, which is unfortunately on my bed at the moment!! I've tried crushing a worming tablet and mixing it with tuna (her favourite) but she won't eat it. She knows there's something going on. It's so bloody annoying!!

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10:02 am

He's gone :(.

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Friday, December 14th, 2001
10:07 pm

Well, here are the promised pictures of my cat (Promised about 4 or 5 months ago :P)

Isn't she sweeeeeeeeeeet?!

Here she is curled Up for bed :)
Thursday, December 13th, 2001
12:14 pm

I really should post more here seeing as I created the community!

So yes, a kitty update :

Next Friday phoebe is going on holiday for a week. I am very eeky about letting her go. more because she'll probably love it and not want to come home than anything else! But it has to be done and she'll be OK.. I wish she'd understand that I'll be back for her though. I'll always be back for her.

And today she is going in Cat Box to see Mr Vet for her booster injections, or the cattery won't take her. She hates Cat Box and as soon as she saw it, she ran outside. I have a feeling there will be a struggle come 2 o'clock. I tried lockingher cat door so that she could come in but not go out - but she seems to know that pawing at the red thing will make it work again. If she does it right. I gave in and let her out, and she spent the next five mins slowly coming in and out of the cat door, putting a leg through and going through backwards to make sure it still worked :>

Bless my baby.

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Tuesday, December 11th, 2001
4:51 pm

Pocky got her first dead bird to play with today, kindly caught and brought inside by Star.

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